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General Corporate Commercial
Capital Markets & Securities Laws
Private Equity
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Excellence and Expertise Area of Practicing

• Bombay Port Trust (B.P.T.) and Port matters, handling related all issues and
• finalizing the all contracts and tenders. Arbitrations between commercial and all Government and Semi-Government,
• Government Undertakings matters. Matters related to Bombay Municipal Corporation and MRTP Act which includes trial,
• quashing and Bails. Conducting Naptha and Kerosene Adulteration Scam of all over India which alleged to have 8000 Crorores.
• Arbitrations between commercial and all Government and Semi-Government,
Government Undertakings matters.
• Sale Tax matter, Value Added Tax (VAT), Good Sale Tax (GST), handling all types of evasion of taxes, Hawala, Bogus Billing and thereby arising the criminal liability and prosecution at Economic Offences Wing, Crime Branch, Mumbai.
• Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999 (MCOCA), first time in our matter MOCCA has been quashed for Naphta and Kerosene Adulteration Scam and Sale Tax by Hon’ble High Court and also confirmed the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
• Essential Commodity Act handle the several matters under E.C. Act.
• Conducted the Police Housing Scam for help of the several Police persons.

• Handling the several matters pertaining to Economic Offences Wing (EOW) and Crime Branch, Mumbai.
• Handling the several matters pertaining to Economic Offences Wing (EOW) Central Bureau of India (CBI).
• Handling the 3000 Crores Lottery scam.
• Handling the several matters of Cyber Law which includes Data Protection and Data Theft, Forensic and Anti-Forensic matters and Acts.
• Several matters pertaining to several Film Production Houses and Film Stars.
Matters handling pertain to Consumer Protection Acts and one of the all matters in first time consumer as ined/charged by
Hon’ble Forum and the said Order is confirmed by Hon’ble National Consumer Forum and Hon’ble upreme Court.
Matter handling pertain to the Corporate frauds and financial scam and
advising the several multinational companies and business houses for the same.
• Matter handling pertain to the Company Laws and offences.
• Matter handling pertain to the Enforcement Directors (E.D.).
• Offences related to the Protection of Women Rights.

Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai

Are you in need of an experienced Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai?
You’ve come to the right place!
Here, at ADI Legal, we’re connected to all the best Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai. Not just Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai, ADI Legal is also a prominent provider of corporate lawyers, Criminal Lawyers in Mumbai, Arbitration Lawyers in Mumbai, property lawyers and divorce lawyers, who are willing to Safeguard your rights and act as your advocates in Mumbai whenever you need them to.
Cyber Law consists of the skills in the field of IT as well as the law that can be developed parallel through consistent study exposure and practice. The field of cyber-law is marked as multi-dimensional and has an international perspective which makes the cyber-lawyer stand out as a truly global professional.
At ADI Legal, we are been acknowledged for holding on to few of the best Advocates for Cyber Law in Mumbai.
Since we have the best Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai with us, we assure you the best. Our Group has made it easier to get in touch with the best lawyers present in Mumbai while just sitting in the comfort of your home.
Why do you need an Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai?
Over the years, ADI Legal has observer a rise in the ratio of Cyber Crimes and also observed victims giving heed to their cases.
If you are either accused, or bullied, or if you’re a victim of cyber-crime, our Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai will be able to help you navigate the hazardous maze of technical complexities and legal jargons involved in your Crime case. Our Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai will also help you and your corporation to re-design your internal security policies and guidelines.
Further, the continuous and exponential growth of electronic devices has automatically led to an increase in the no. of cyber-crimes. And this taken the Generation to a crisis point which demands the requirement of cyber lawyers. The Advocates for Cyber Law can cater to the problems out of the digital evidence admissibility. The Cyber-law Lawyers will help you fix Data breaches and cyber-crimes. We have seen most of our cases coming from clients for Cyber Lawyers which makes us believe in the Career Growth and demand of Cyber-law Lawyers outweighing any other profession that is growing in the world.
Why do you need to select your Advocate for Cyber Law from us?
• We assure if you select your Advocate for Cyber Law from ADI Legal, they are very efficient in their work
• You can even get your issues sorted out without even meeting the lawyer personally. The lawyers working under us are very professional and have good knowledge of work
• The Advocates you select for Cyber Law will Guide you very well, they give step by step details and offer quick response and availability
• Their approach is very subtle and focus on giving Honest advice
• Not working with the right and legal professional can have unfortunate consequences. We link you with only the Advocates for Cyber Law who are Experienced Professionals
• These are the lawyers who are hired as certified lawyers having good experience with legal advising and court proceedings
We at ADI Legal, focus mainly at the Confidentiality. We know and understand about the adverse outcome that can arise to the clients from the confidentiality. This main reason why we never let the confidentiality go loose at any point. Unlike other law firms, ADI Legal brings to you a comprehensive platform where you can come and hire lawyers to fix all your legal needs. And the best part is that now you can do all of this by sitting at the comfort of your home.
The popularity, of Advocate for Cyber Law in Mumbai to fix the issues of the victims has been predominant in the past as well as in present and would broom and groom in future also. The main point to excel as a cyber law advocate is to become a perpetual student of law & be dedicated towards the technology and this can only be achieved if one has the passion for the subject.
Our Advocates for Cyber Law in Mumbai are Pioneer in Technology Laws in Mumbai and across different states in Mumbai. If you’re looking out for a Cyber Law Expert practicing in Mumbai in matters involving Cyber Crimes then come to ADI Legal. We will provide you with the best attorneys, internet crime advocates, solicitors to support your case.
Consult the best internet crime advocates, attorneys, law firms, solicitors for legal support in Mumbai and get your cyber law matter solved.

Advocates for Matter Related to MeToo in Mumbai

Have you been a Victim of MeToo Movement in Mumbai, India?
Our Lawyers will help you file a lawsuit and fight for the justice you deserve
At ADI Legal we give you the authority to Feel free and let us know your Problem. We get to the roots of your Problem and then connect you with the Right Lawyers, who are well suited for your case. Our Firm has observed the Rage and the Mental disturbance arising after heating of the MeToo matter. We at ADI Legal will connect you with the Top Attorneys, Consultants, Legal Advisors and Advocate for matter related to MeToo.
The Advocate for matter related to MeToo who have backed up our Team are always treading the paths you’ll never be able to walk alone and convert the unknown into an opportunity.
The goal of the MeToo Movement is to promote efficiency in respect of the rules of a Country and its Law Processes. With more than 27 Years of combined experience standing up against sexual Assault and other Legal cases, our law firm has what you’re seeking out i.e. Advocate for matter related to MeToo.
Why Select ADI Legal?
• We provide diligent, personalized legal services for innocent of all types of sufferers of sexual harassment and abuse. Our Lawyers do it efficiently and cost-effectively
• If you’re Alienated and bullied if you’re Wronged our Lawyers will help you out
• We believe in Comfort and Mental Peace. We remind our Client about the rights as the citizen of the Nation to enjoy a safe work environment and the Surrounding
• Your matter will be well investigated and checked for the evidence involved in the matter
• We recognize and develop more reform and expand disciplinary actions that are needed to combat sexual victimization and has published guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety of people
• Our primary motive is the safety and dignity of everyone in the community
• Our firm is always looking out for our clients’ convenience
• We improve disciplinary actions and prepare People for leadership positions
• We assure the commitment of fostering an environment of inclusiveness and respect for minorities and women
AT ADI Legal, we have recorded unmeasurable cases after the MeToo Movement. When there is someone who sexually harasses or discriminates against you while on the job, or in your surroundings, you need an aggressive legal action against them. If you’ve been Wronged then we are the One-stop Solution to look out for Advocate for matter related to MeToo.
We strongly believe in taking steps that are needed to stop Sexual Assaults and harassment and provide you with the Top Lawyers, Attorney and Advocate for matter related to MeToo who can get you receive a settlement or verdict for your harms.
We strongly believe that Nobody should be in a position to put up with sexual harassment and this is the main reason why you need to Choose ADI Legal if you’re looking out for Advocate for matter related to MeToo Movement. From ADI Legal?
When you come to ADI Legal, our Top priority is to know what you’re looking for.
. Why choose Advocates for matter related to MeToo from ADI Legal?
Our Lawyers will help you file a lawsuit and fight for the justice you deserve
Our Lawyers are dedicated and experienced in protecting citizens from physical harassment, sexual assaults, unwanted touching, unwelcome sexual advances, and gender discrimination
The Lawyers are fully against any act which can kill a person’s self-esteem and create a hostile environment for the victim’s Survival
The lawyers take you seriously and work in favor of law enforcement which appears to punish those who wronged you
The Lawyers try are sensitive towards the cases of the victims and make sure that the victims are eligible to include anyone in the offensive conduct which affects them
Our Lawyers have the range of impressive legal credentials and provide Aggressive Representation which empowers our Clients
Lawyers assure the personnel being accountable to deserve a harassment-free environment
We have Advocates for matter related to MeToo who have dedicated their professional lives to seeking justice for the victimized. Since the founding of the MeToo Movement, we have exclusively represented victims who have endured illegal practices and gone through Sexual Assaults and Harassment. When you choose ADI Legal to represent you, you will have peace of mind from knowing that skilled and experienced Advocates for matter related to MeToo are on your side, fighting to protect your rights.
Today, thanks to our long record of success, we have a strong and Promising Client Base which helps us to still have a firm foothold in the industry.
You don’t need to wait – you can contact us and we’ll schedule a free consultation for you to discuss your situation in more details.

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We work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied.Since its founding with 27 Years of experience with 10 Advocates looking after all the matters from Hon’ble Trial Court to Hon’ble Supreme Court. A D I Legal founded by Mr. Mohan Tekavde has grown rapidly in Mumbai. Our continuous growth over the years is due to the fact that we have never wavered from our firm conviction that political decisions should begin and end with the best interests of Indian families and communities in mind.

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